Fedi Photo

Fedi Photo

An Android app to quickly post photos to the Fediverse

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I wrote this app to scratch an itch which was to post photos to the Fediverse frictionlessly while riding my bike.

You configure the text and hashtags for the status ahead of time. Then with 3 clicks post a photo.

  1. Click for camera.
  2. Frame subject and click to take photo.
  3. Click to accept photo and you are done.

The posting of the photo and status text is performed in the background. If connectivity is bad it will upload when connectivity allows.

Other features

  • Multiple accounts.
  • Multiple status configurations.
  • Threading
    Threading is not applicable for PixelFed accounts.
  • Optional customizable date format using Java's Simple Date Format syntax.
    The default format string is: EEEE MMMM dd, yyyy hh:mm:ss a z
  • Optional customizable latitude and longitude URL or text. Using two format arguments %.5f.
    The default format string is: https://openstreetmap.org?zoom=17&layers=m&mlat=%.5f&mlon=%.5f
    If you prefer Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps/search/?api=1&query=%.5f,%.5f
  • After the photo is posted the app can:
    • Leave photo in the Fedi Photo folder
    • Copy the photo to the Android Pictures folder
    • Move the photo to the Android Pictures folder
    • Delete the photo


I am not a formally trained programmer so your mileage may vary with this app.
When you find bugs please create an issue.